Developments in research and partnerships between the University of Edinburgh and the cultural heritage sector make this an important time for looking at new research challenges, creating new research relationships across and beyond the University, and planning for major new projects.

The Digital Cultural Heritage Research Network (DCHRN) brings together colleagues from across the University and the cultural heritage sector in a professional network for people investigating digital cultural heritage issues. It includes members and perspectives from diverse disciplines including design, education, sociology, law, cultural studies, informatics and business, and from a wide range of cultural heritage organisations in Edinburgh and beyond. The network was launched with three events, funded by the Academic Networking Fund at the University of Edinburgh, that took place in early 2016, each with an emphasis on collaboration and impact.

This site serves as a space for members to use for digital networking and keeping up with the activities of the network.

The network is led by Jen Ross at the University of Edinburgh. jen.ross@ed.ac.uk

The following people have provided co-leadership:

  • Sian Bayne, Digital Education (2015-18)
  • Kirsty Lingstadt, Head of Digital Library (2016-20)
  • James Loxley,  Literatures Languages and Culture (2016-20)
  • Claire Sowton, Digital Education (2015-16)
  • Chris Speed, Design Informatics (2015-18)
  • Melissa Terras, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (2017-20)